Salesforce Call Center Solutions

Improve customer call center experience

Your customer data is in SAP — your call center representatives should not be

Shorten customer call resolution time and increase 1st-call resolution rates by making sure your team has the data they need as soon as the customer is on the phone

  • Give your customer service and sales representatives access to a 360-degree view of the customer, through your easy-to-use, modern, service-oriented, interface
  • Let your employees access the data within your ECC (or S/4 HANA) system, but never leave the friendly user interface of today’s modern service clouds
  • Our SAP customer service solutions give you a real-time view of the data in your SAP ECC or S/4HANA system
  • Customer order history and status, past invoices, and delivery information, along with all of the corresponding line item details available in real-time
  • All in the modern front-end of your choice, such as
  • Real-Time Visibility Guarantees Most Up-to-Date Information
  • When a sales team member or service team member is speaking with a customer, they can easily access real time data and provide an answer, thus reducing response times and improving accuracy.

Why this Matters?

enosix’s SAP customer service solutions support your digital transformation initiatives – a better customer experience overall. If you’ve invested in Salesforce for your CRM, you want your call center representatives to stay in Salesforce so they’re not wasting valuable time switching back and forth to SAP. Our Salesforce call center solutions allow them to keep Salesforce as their primary work screen and still answer the typical questions about orders, inventory, shipping, and deliveries that require visibility into SAP data.

enosix allows customer service reps to interact with SAP without having to use SAP. This is so valuable because customers always ask them questions about things like order status and shipping, want them to create quotes, etc. Without integration to SAP, they have to switch between the CRM and their SAP system or – at many companies – call someone on the SAP team to look it up and send it to them. SAP is so hard to use, many companies don’t want their sales reps to bother with it. But if they could have that data in an easier-to-use format, it’s great to have. They can quickly pull invoice details and other critical order information while on the phone with a customer without ever having to leave their familiar CRM screens.

Customer Service Features

Surface Customer Data
All of your SAP customer data (including invoice history, account and partner details, delivery confirmations, and more)
Access Pricing Info
Use our pre-built, but fully customizable UI interface for or integrate with the front-end of your choice using our REST API
Real-Time SAP Data
Data available in real-time, as soon as it is entered in SAP

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