Salesforce Community Cloud & SAP Integration

Get true real-time SAP ERP data in your Salesforce Community Cloud with enosix’s pre-built Rapid Integration Objects to truly unlock the power of Salesforce Community Cloud.

The proven, cost-effective way to leverage SAP data for your partners in your Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud allows you to quickly launch business solutions for your partners, customers, and employees. You can handle your Partner Relationship Management programs that enable your channel partners to boost partner-generated sales revenue. You can also build completely custom experiences unique to your business. However, if your customer data resides in SAP® ERP, you can’t provide the depth of data necessary to make their experience seamless. With enosix, your community members can access all the SAP info they need and create SAP orders right in Salesforce Community Cloud, for a truly frictionless experience.

When companies run SAP ERP, business and customer data that is necessary for an optimized experience can often seem ‘locked away’ and hard to access. Integrating this vital data to Salesforce has traditionally relied on replication and rebuilding all of the complex business logic within SAP that has been developed over many years. The complexity of SAP, coupled with the poor connectivity offered by SAP for middleware and other legacy integration approaches, is not suited for operations at the speed of today’s customer.

Now there is no need to re-create logic and replicate data. enosix delivers purpose-built, intelligent solutions to unify the Salesforce platform with SAP. This real-time integration technology is providing unprecedented value to Salesforce clients—both on its own or as a complement to MuleSoft or other middleware solutions that are already in place.

enosix provides ready-to-use pre-built Rapid Integration Objects (RIOs) built on the SAP ERP app layer that allows for a seamless Salesforce Community Cloud integration. 90% of the integration work between SAP ECC or S/4HANA has been done for you, so you can go live with real-time bi-directional integration to your Salesforce Community Cloud instance in weeks, not months. This allows your community members to view detailed info from SAP so they can get onboarded faster and increase productivity. Accessing their personalized data allows them to easily get answers to common questions, reducing customer service calls. This increases partner & customer satisfaction leading to long-term loyalty. And ensuring that every order created in Community Cloud is pre-validated against SAP pricing and variant configuration reduces the need to call customers back with corrections resulting from out of sync systems.

We help SAP clients:

  • Drastically accelerate time to value
  • Simplify integration projects
  • Minimize integration cost
  • Provide unmatched scalability
  • Built by SAP experts, certified by SAP
  • No Middleware, ETL, OData, or SAP PI/PO
  • Pre-built: Surface SAP in days, not months
  • Bi-directional: Execute SAP transactions, including all your custom business logic
  • Eliminate complex coding and data mapping
  • Real-time to meet the speed of your customer
  • Optimize or even eliminate replication of data

Salesforce Community Cloud Integration Features

Seamless Community Experience
Seamless process integration with SAP, while staying within the Salesforce platform
Improved User Interface
Use our pre-built, but fully customizable UI interface for Salesforce Community Cloud