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Harvey Building Products Case Study

Harvey Building Products Increases Sales Productivity with enosix.

Empowering Digital Transformation

In the last few years, Harvey Building Products has placed their focus on how to digitally transform by leveraging technology that will empower their employees with more customer insight. However, even though the company had many customer relationships to manage, they did not have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution in place.

For more than 60 years, Harvey Building Products has manufactured and distributed replacement windows, doors, and building products, with a competitive advantage on providing customers with quality products and exceptional service.

Peter joined the newly formed Sales Operations team in 2018, and his top priority in empowering the sales team was to implement a CRM solution.

Company Profile

  • Headquarters: Waltham, Mass.
  • Employees: 1,300+
  • Industry: Building Materials/Manufacturing
  • Solution: enosix Surface

“Everyone wants to have data at their fingertips. Those that have been exposed to a CRM understand the power that it brings and how enabling it can be to access information anywhere, on any device, to serve their customer better,”
Peter VieiraSales Operations Manager at Harvey Building Products

Integration on Day One

Quickly after joining the Sales Operations team, Peter performed a needs assessment identifying the shortfalls in the lack of a CRM. Previously, the company stored all of their customer information in their ERP system, SAP® . Following the assessment, Peter outlined what ‘good’ looks like when implementing a CRM.

When pressed on what it would mean to not have integration from the beginning, Peter further explained,

“It’s debilitating to have to go into two different solutions. It’s very frustrating to be on the front line and have to decipher which solution to go into in order to get the information you need. But, what better message to deliver as a sales leader than to be able to say, ‘All you have to do is go into Salesforce. The information is right there for you.’”

Evaluating the Options

Peter, along with members of the IT, Sales, and Sales Operations teams considered several CRM solutions. In order to accommodate Peter’s vision of integration from the start, Salesforce and enosix presented a solution that was tailored to their specific goals and anticipated challenges.

“enosix was able to immediately speak to our needs because of their familiarity with SAP…”

…In addition, the enosix team recommended a solution that provided them with integration on day one, and the ability to build on that foundation over time. He continued, “The enosix team recommended an approach that was well-thought out and process-driven. And, in an area where we knew we’d have to spend a lot of money, enosix offered a cost-effective solution. That does not typically go hand-in-hand with a wholesome solution, so, we quickly identified that enosix would be the ideal integration solution if we selected Salesforce as our CRM system.”

Already impressed by Salesforce and enosix, the team continued to evaluate several CRM systems, using the integration capabilities from enosix as a measuring stick for comparison. After careful consideration of price and CRM to ERP integration capabilities, Harvey Building Products selected Salesforce and enosix.

Leverage SAP Data in Salesforce with enosix Sales CPQ on

Increased Sales Productivity & Better Customer Relationships

Once implemented in September of 2018, the Sales Operations team equipped their frontline sales team (49 Account Executives and 7 Business Development Reps) with Salesforce and the enosix integration solution. In addition, the Sales Operations team and senior leadership team has access to the platform, and plans are in the works to bring in an additional 36 branch managers, and 150 Inside Sales Reps.

“With the enosix solution, we’ve integrated our SAP information into Salesforce, and we’re able to give each Account Executive two hours back per day, or ten hours per week, that they would otherwise be using to report into and review an Excel document. Now, they’re able to identify customer needs, track activities, and work from one solution…

…now, our AEs can get in front of four additional customers a day for a half hour each, or, if the rep used to enter data, troubleshoot problems in multiple systems, plan their next day after the end of their workday, maybe we give them back two hours a day with their family that they were otherwise losing.”

In addition, Harvey Building Products is measuring the impact of implementing Salesforce and enosix on their customer’s experience. Last year, they surveyed their customers and discovered that there was a large gap whenever a customer would transition from one sales rep to another, whether it was due to employee turnover or to a change in the size of account.

“When we surveyed our customers, we found that each time our customer was introduced to a new person in our organization, they had to teach that person who they are. We are in the process of empowering our sales team with training and with this investment in Salesforce and enosix to be able to understand where the customer has been, where they are today, and where they are going…

…Really, what this is helping us do is to elevate our level of relationship with our customers to making them a business partner. That is each AE’s goal with their accounts. Our customer’s growth is our growth.”

Harvey Building Products is continuing to build on the success they’ve seen with enosix. “The relationship that I built with enosix has been very enabling for me to deliver a wholesome solution to my team and organization,” Peter concluded.